About Us

About Us

Sork HC was founded in 2007 by Managing Director Anthony Sork and Operations Director Selina Sork. Based in Sydney and delivering services throughout Australasia we are committed to developing excellence in Leadership & Management behavioural effectiveness and Employee Perception Measurement.

Our industry leading consultants work in partnership with our clients to enhance Leadership & Management effectiveness, develop & transform cultures, strengthen engagement and achieve sustainable high performance.

We are also the leading provider of Employee Perception Measurement instruments enabling our clients to fully understand and strategically impact their workforce through the 4 key stages of employment – Attachment, Engagement, Detachment & Transition.

We are proud to have been awarded a Patent for our Employee Attachment Inventory in 2008 (Patent Number: 2008100458).

Sork HC has a network of Accredited Practitioners in global markets that are positioned to administer our Employee Perception Measurement Tools. Please contact us should you wish to become one of our Accredited  Practitioners or if you would like to access their services Selina@SorkHC.com.au 

Our Chosen Charity

KidsXpress is a world leading dynamic, expressive therapy program that offers a non-threatening and creative environment to children aged 4–14 years who are experiencing difficulty, loss, challenge or trauma. KidsXpress empowers children by providing an opportunity for self expression through the use of music, art, dance and drama therapies.

By providing a creative opportunity for children to identify, express, enjoy and enhance positive strategies for their lives, they are developing skills that will significantly increase the child's self-esteem and resilience, and will contribute to their development and position them to fulfill their potential. 

We are an organisation that is committed to helping others achieve their potential and we believe in the great work that  KidsXpress are doing to ensure all children have that opportunity.

This program costs as little as $2500 per child and changes their lives forever. We encourage you to visit their site and contribute in any way that you can www.kidsxpress.org.au

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